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French immigration lawyers : how we can help you ?

It used to be that immigration was a simple experience; over the years, though, it has gotten more and more complex. While French immigration law might be difficult to navigate, it is doable if you find the right immigration lawyer. LexCase has successfully helped people navigate the immigration process in France and find positive outcomes for all Immigration plans in France. Here are just a few of the ways in which we can assist you: If you are in France on a visa or here as a lawful permanent resident and wish to apply for French citizenship, we can help. We can make sure that the proper paperwork is submitted and follow up to make sure that action is being taken on it. LexCase immigration attorneys can help to:
  • preparing and filling immigration paperwork for an immigrant who speaks French as a second language
  • drafting observations to bolster and secure an immigration process
  • obtaining a work permit in France
  • defining corporate immigration strategy for your activities
  • representing an immigrant in Administrative courts, speak on his or her behalf, and help file the necessary paperwork to avoid detention.
  • defending an immigrant against arrest and detainment as well as helping to prevent that person from being deported
  • securing naturalization procedures for foreign residents
For all your Immigration & Nationality queries in France, do not hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment for a first interview : +33 (1) 40 20 22 22 LexCase avocats / French Immigration Lawyers / Immigration law / Paris Lyon Marseille
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