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BREXIT : apply for French citizenship?

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As France allows dual citizenship, British citizens can consider applying for French citizenship to maintain access to living in the European Union. A French citizen is entitled to permanently live, vote and work in France, and has access to government-offered public benefits. French citizenship also entitles you to certain rights and privileges in the other European Union countries, such as being able to live and work in any of these countries without the need for visas or applying for a work permit. If you are worried about the Brexit, and explore the possibility of becoming a French citizen, there are two main ways:
  1. Declaration of nationality by marriage:
If you have been married to a French citizen for at least four years in France or abroad, you can apply for French citizenship. During the period of matrimonial cohabitation abroad, the French spouse must have been register on the consular register for French nationals established outside France. If the French spouse didn’t registered, a period of five years is then required. You need to attest that you have a good knowledge of French. Additionally, your spouse must have retained his or her French citizenship. The application must be submitted at the Préfecture of your place of residency or at the French consulate if you leave abroad.
  1. Naturalisation by decree:
If you are not married to a French person, you need to have lived in France for five consecutive years to be eligible, and you have to be able to prove that you are fully integrated into the French culture (by speaking French and having a knowledge of French culture and society and the rights and duties of French citizens) and economically demonstrating stable resources. However, if you have successfully completed two years of higher education in France, the five-year residency period can be reduced to two years. LexCase Team provides assistance to foreigners who wish to apply for French citizenship in France and abroad. For any additional assistance please call us 01 40 20 22 22 or email us at immigrationcontact@lexcase.com
LexCase / BREXIT : apply for French citizenship ?
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