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EU golden visas: the case for France

EU golden visas: the case for France

Portuguese government announces end of golden visas!

The measure designed to attract international buyers no longer makes sense in an overheated real estate sector. The government is now trying to reorganize the market, which is dominated by tourist rentals, especially in Lisbon and Porto.

Ten years later, Portugal now wants to end the scheme. It is following in the footsteps of Ireland, which a few days ago abolished a similar scheme offering a visa to non-Europeans in exchange for a local investment of at least one million euros over three years.

France has never launched a similar program, but the government favors the Long Term Visitor program, also known as French Golden Visas, for foreign nationals wishing to stay in France for more than three consecutive months during the year, without having to obtain a work permit in France. It is not necessary to own or invest in France. But the authorities require strong financial guarantees of representation and also private health coverage and repatriation to the country of origin.

Each year, several thousand Golden Visas are issued by the French authorities for long-term visitors who wish to enjoy the French way of life.

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