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French Talent Passport for foreigners

The Talent Passport groups different categories of residence permits in France. There is therefore not one but several cases depending on the economic and professional project of the foreign candidate. In application of article L313-20 (5 °) CESEDA, an alien may apply for a multi-year residence permit bearing the mention “talent passport”, of a maximum duration of four years when he/she wants to set up a new corporation in France. Several requirements must be met by the applicant. The applicant must hold a diploma equivalent to the Master’s degree or must benefit from a professional experience of at least five years of a comparable level. The applicant must also justify a real and serious economic project which will lead to the opening of a concrete business in France. To submit such an application, the following documents and supporting documents must be gathered : 1 ° a diploma at least equivalent to the master’s degree, or any document justifying a professional experience of at least five years of a comparable level; 2 ° The supporting documents fixed by order of the Minister of Immigration and the Minister of the Economy to assess the real and serious nature of his economic project : https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichTexte.do?cidTexte=JORFTEXT000033318595&categorieLien=id 3 ° The justification that he has sufficient resources during his stay to provide for himself and, where appropriate, those of his family members, regardless of the benefits and allowances mentioned in the third sentence of 2 ° of the Article L. 314-8; 4 ° Proof of an investment of at least € 30,000 in the business plan; 5 ° Evidence of compliance with the regulations in force in the field of activity in question. For any assistance, please contact LexCase at 01 40 20 22 22. LexCase, Immigration, Passport Talent, new corporations in France.
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