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Community Students: France enters the ranks.

France had since 2000 made a habit of asking EU students wishing to remain in France to study the documents were not required by law. The practice is common in aliens. A circular of October 12, 2007 the Minister of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-development came recall the conditions under which the documents relating to the resources of a student nationals EU Member State and similar European nationals are requested. The same circular also asked the prefecture to remove the requirement for the same citizens to prove their residence to obtain a residence permit. This circular distributed to all prefectures came amended accordingly the doctrine of the Administration that required from a circular of 6 December 2000 on proof required of citizens of the Union of documents deemed unnecessary by the European authorities .dropoff window This new circular actually follows a formal notice from the European Commission to the French Government. The prefects will have to accept as proof that the applicant has sufficient resources to continue his studies in France a simple certificate extending the security of its resources. Finally the circular call to order the prefectures asking them not to submit the issue of a residence permit to the justification of a residence in France, since it is automatically demonstrated by the other documents required by the category Students belonging candidates.
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