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Withdrawing from the UK, what future for European and British citizens?

On 25 November 2018, the negotiations on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from Great Britain and Northern Ireland of the European Union resulted in an agreement, in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The withdrawal agreement establishes the different conditions for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and covers various areas including the rights of citizens in the United Kingdom and British citizens in the countries of the European Union. The agreement preserves their right to remain and ensures that they can continue to contribute to their community. Union citizens and British nationals, as well as members of their families, may continue to live, work or study under the same substantive conditions as those provided for by European Union law, pursuant to Article 11 of the withdrawal agreement. The withdrawal agreement guarantees to Union citizens residing in the United Kingdom and British nationals residing in one of the 27 Member States of the European Union the right to remain at the end of the transitional period, when their residence complies with Union law on freedom of movement. As stated in article 13 of the withdrawal agreement, decisions concerning the granting of the new residence status under the withdrawal agreement will be taken on the basis of objective criteria and on the same conditions set out in the Directive on freedom of movement (Directive 2004/38 / EC). This withdrawal agreement also protects family members of UK citizens and the European Union not yet living in the same host country as the UK or EU citizen. They will be able to join them even after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. More specifically, the case of children, whether born before or after the withdrawal from the United Kingdom or whether they are inside or outside the host country of the United Kingdom or the European Union, is also encompassed by the withdrawal agreement. By way of exception, the case of a child born after the withdrawal from the United Kingdom and whose sole custody parent is not covered by the withdrawal agreement will not be included in the agreement. With regard to social security, the withdrawal agreement provides for social security coordination rules, in accordance with Title 3 of the agreement. Finally, conditions on the movement of persons after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom as well as those concerning the rights of citizens are not yet specified but remains to be defined in future negotiations. Brexit- Immigration- Agreement
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