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Which timeframe for your immigration case after the Corona virus?

Information notice from the French Ministry of interior affairs, Immigration Bureau :

Updated timeframe for your immigration case with the Prefecture services in France


Date: Friday, May 29, 2020



Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Government has endeavoured to secure the situation of foreign nationals regularly present in the country.

Two ordinances have already extended by 6 months the period of validity of permits expiring between 16 March and 15 May 2020. Parliament has passed a measure that also extends the permits expiring between 16 May and 15 June.

Thus, any holder of a residence permit, a receipt, a provisional residence permit or a long-stay visa which expires between 16 March and 15 June 2020 will be legally resident for a further 6 months and will not have to take any steps until the autumn. The right to work and all social rights are extended in the same way.

The certificates of asylum applications that expired during this same period have been extended by 3 months, so that their holders do not have to take any steps before 16 June at the earliest.

Since 11 May, the activity of the services in the prefecture has been gradually resumed with regard to the reception of asylum seekers (GUDA), in order to ensure that our commitments in the area of asylum are respected.

The submission of applications for residence permits at the prefecture will resume only by appointment or by post. The possibility of making a physical deposit at the counters will gradually be opened up depending on the prefectures and will be generalised by 15 June at the latest. Priority will be given to holders of permits expiring after 15 June.

As of 15 June, an online service will be available for simple procedures (renewal of receipts, duplicates, movement documents for minor foreigners and changes of address), enabling the holder to submit his or her application electronically.

Finally, as regards access to nationality, interviews will resume on 15 June.

The services of the Ministry of the Interior and the prefectures are doing everything possible to ensure that these missions can be resumed under the best possible conditions. In each department, appropriate measures will be put in place to protect users and staff.

Download the news release and its translation by LexCase: Information notice from the French Ministry of interior affairs, Immigration Bureau

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